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Graphics API

Transfer all your programs into ArchestrA

Now, with Graphics API, creating a migration project has never been so easy !

Edit existing symbols

With Graphics API, dynamically modify references, scripts or graphic symbols, located in your ArchestrA Galaxies 

Supports advanced configurations

Animations, scripting, wizard configuration, element style... Access all features from external application 

Supports automation object graphics

Graphics API is the first API which allows you to create graphics into objects in ArchestrA Galaxy !

Graphics API is the first API which allows you to manipulate ArchestrA symbols from an external application, and to make AchestrA graphic editor task dynamically !

Transfer all your programs into ArchestrA, edit existing scripts or symbols… Graphics API supports advanced configurations : scripting, wizard configuration, animation, element style… And more : Graphics API is the first API which allows to create graphics into objects in an ArchestrA Galaxy !

With Graphics API, migration projects have never been so easy !


1 - Configure your project 
3 - Create or delete ArchestrA Graphics
5 - Add graphic elements
7 - Add custom properties
2 - Connect an existing galaxy
4 - Open, save or close graphics
6 - Display graphic thumbnail
8 - Add script
9 - Add animation
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