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ALPANA Dashboarding and Reporting

The ALPANA Dashboard and Report Platform is an end-to-end solution for creating, managing, and sharing interactive industrial dashboards and reports. It includes a powerful dashboard designer application to easily compose dashboards, as well as a web portal to manage and share dashboards and reports.

It is meant for AVEVA Software with native connectors to their complete portfolio.

Key Features

A wide variety of Data Sources

Our Dashboarding solution is meant for the Aveva software portfolio, including AVEVA Insight, AVEVA BI Gateway (B.I.G.), AVEVA Historian.  It also includes all the commonly used data sources, including Microsoft Excel, CSV, SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, JSON, Microsoft Azure Table storage and RESTful web services are supported.

Tools for business intelligence, business analytics software

Embed dashboards within AVEVA Intouch OMI, Read Dashboards on Android or IOS

Our Dashboard Platform ships with a powerful server application for managing and sharing dashboards. Dashboards can be securely embedded in a third-party website or within Intouch OMI thanks to our dedicated App, or just read on the move with Alpana Mobile (Android, IOS)

Bi tools, Schneider Electric, HTML5

Industry user friendly

The drag-and-drop dashboard designer application makes it possible for any user to compose and publish dashboards without any help from IT.

A rich selection of widgets

All the widgets commonly used in dashboards, including a variety of charts, gauges, maps, treemaps, Gantts, and grids have been included.

HTML5 Powered

Dashboards are rendered using HTML5 so the only requirement for end-users to view dashboards is to have a modern browser installed.

Qlikview bi, Data visualization

Cost Effective licensing

Our licensing is cost effective for both small and large teams.

You can choose between perpetual licences or subscription.

Please contact us for more details.

Business intelligence, Tableau analytics

Data stays in your servers

Because industrial data is critical, you can host the dashboard server within your local network or on your secure cloud servers so all data remains secure within your servers. We support Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS

Automated reporting system, Report automation

Preparing Data

The best and recommended solution for preparing the data, is to use AVEVA BI GATEWAY (B.I.G.), especially if massive time series analysis is planned to be used in the dashboards.

Existing data that is stored in a wide variety of data sources like Microsoft Excel files, relational databases etc... can be first transformed into a format that is ready for visualization using dashboards.

Managing Dashboards

Dashboards are efficiently organized and versioned under categories. Permissions to view dashboards can be given to specific users or groups. Security includes optional Active Directory authentication, with flexible permissions.

Dashboards can be generated and emailed according to a schedule. 

Business intelligence, Business intelligence reporting

Viewing Dashboards

The built-in HTML 5 dashboard viewer lets users view dashboards from within the browser.

Schedule the whole dashboard or specific widgets to automatically refresh at the desired time intervals.

Easily collaborate with other users by commenting on dashboards.

The Dashboard server's user interface can be localized to any desired language.

It also has built-in customization capabilities allowing you to add your organization's name, logo, welcome note, and more.

Composing Dashboards

The intuitive dashboard designer application makes it easy for everyone to create powerful dashboards. The rich selection of data visualization widgets which is available allows you to visualize your data as desired. It is also possible to make the dashboards interactive by letting end-users drill down and filter data.

Dashboards can be published to the server from within the designer application itself.

The Dashboard Designer's user interface can be localized to any desired language.

Dashboard generator, Reporting system

Publishing Dashboards

Alpana Dashboard Platform includes a powerful dashboard server application that provides a web interface to manage and share dashboards. Alternatively, you can also choose to embed dashboards within your applications, either as web pages, or directly within Wonderware Intouch with our native container.


Alpana Dashboards allows to push data from an external application and refresh targeted widgets or Dashboards.

A Simple Workflow

Creating a Dashboard involves three simple steps :

- Connect to your data (datasources can be published and be reused by those not familiar with data connectivity)

- Design your Dashboard by simple drag-and-drops from our rich widget collection

- Optionally publish, give permissions, interact with the dashboards


  • What is Alpana Dashboard ?
    The ALPANA Dashboard Platform is an end-to-end solution for creating, managing, and sharing interactive industrial dashboards. Thanks to its native AVEVA Historian and AVEVA Insight connectors, it is meant for Aveva Software. It can work with many other datasources, trough a wide list of connectors
  • Is Alpana Dashboard multitenant ?
    Alpana supports multitenancy. A Tenant is an isolated instance with its own users, dashboards, permissions, branding, etc... It is a great feature to facilitate the administration of complex architectures. This is very usefull for OEM and multi site users
  • What Alpana is NOT
    Alpana is not dedicated to be an ETL or a complete data preparation tool. We expose a simple user interface to perform simple data preparation, but in a very limited way compared to a great dedicated tool like Wonderware Intelligence. Please refer to the list of Intelligence features for more details on how it can be used and what are its features. Alpana can let you make table joins, filters, expressions, etc... in a great user interface, but does not pre-aggregate data. If you need to query Historian for many tags over several years, it might be very slow compared to a tool like AVEVA BI Gateway where you can pre-aggregate data, calculations, etc. AVEVA BI Gateway also features a contextualization tool called "Time Slicing" which allows to add context in a way that Alpana is not able.
  • What kind of security is available with Alpana
    Alpana supports LDAP, ADFS, OpenId, Google Fo the ones that do not have such tools Alpana has it's own security database.
  • Does Alpana supports RGPD directives
    Alpana is fully featured for RGPD. Users can download the information that we keep about them
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