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code192, Dashboard generator, Business intelligence reporting

At Code192, we develop industrial software for AVEVA users in order to provide them with optimal solutions to their needs. We deliver high-performance, quality products. Our products follow AVEVA roadmap : 

  • Aligned with AVEVA strategy 

  • Responsive to changing market needs

What do we do ?


Code 192 provide industrial softwares for the automation industry...

We provide quality before software


Actually, at code 192 we do more than like to see that "192", we work every day, we breathe, we live for this code. Because before providing you software, we make quality.

We provide quality through our products, our after-sales services, our relation with customers and also through our motivation in this job.

Why 192?


Professionals in our sector know that 192 is a code that everyone likes to see. And we like to see it too at Code 192 because it means that it is high quality.

Adaptation is not an option


At Code 192, we know that each customer has specific needs. That's why we provide a dynamic range of products which allows to satisfy every requirement in this field.

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