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Galaxy Toolbox

Import AutoCAD files

Import directly into your application Dwg files from AutoCAD, Eplan, SolidWorks... and choose the layers you need  ! 

Import Xaml Files

Import now Xaml files from Inkscape, Xml pad, or another software !

Import Svg files

Do you want a vectorial drawing in your application ? With Galaxy Toolbox, import from Visio, Illustrator... 

Import Emf/Wmf files

Import Emf and WMf files as ArchestrA Graphics, not only like pictures ! You can now import pictures for example from power point.

Import FoxBoro files

Do you need to migrate a program from a FoxBoro installation ? Galaxy Toolbox can import FoxBoro files to ArchestrA !

Status View

Completely integrated into the IDE, Status View allows you to display objects filtered by their status. Win time and money, debug faster !

Galaxy Toolbox, the first toolbox designed for AVEVA System Platform ever, is conceived from the outset to simple common tasks.


Simple to install and to use, it will help you to develop applications faster. Completely integrated, it integrates new features into the IDE. Filter objects and instances, import AutoCAD files, Xaml files, SVG files, EMF and WMF files, or FoxBoro files… With Galaxy Toolbox, develop faster and easier !

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