At Code192, we develop industrial software for AVEVA Software users in order to provide them optimal solutions to their needs. We deliver high performance, quality products. Our products follow the Wonderware roadmap :

  • Aligned with Aveva strategy

  • Responsive to changing market needs


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Let your Data turn into Insights and put the power into your hands.

Through Dashboards, allow your Managers, Executives, Staff to have real-time access to your data in a click and let them visualize complex information in a graphical representation that is easy to understand.

Engineering Products

Tableau reporting, Data visualization, Business analytics software, #code192, #SchneiderElectric, #Wonderware,#BusinessAnalytics, #BusinessVisualization

Programmatically create, modify, animate, edit scripts on Archestra Graphics.

Manipulating graphics has never been that easy.

Automate your work and improve your efficiency.

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