Alpana : The Meaningful Colors of Your Dashboards

Colors are an essential component of data visualization. Sometimes, you need to attach a specific color to a specific database value.

As always, Alpana has got your back !

Why value-based colors ?

There are many reasons why you will want to attach a color to a database value. Some examples :

  • colors have a general meaning, and the database contains state names. You want "Good" to be always green, and "Bad" to be always red.

  • colors have a standard meaning, and the database contains fluid names. You want "CO2" to always be black, and "H2O" to always be blue

  • colors have no dedicated values. You still want "Europe" to have the same color everywhere, and same for value "Asia", etc...

How to bind value-based colors

As explained in Alpana's extensive documentation, simply go to the Data Source field that contains the values and open the "Edit value based settings" menu :

Note : this is possible on any string field, including Alpana Expressions.

Assign a color by using the palette, or the color picker, or even a specific hex code :

Finally, in your Widget simply select "Use value-based colors" :

Your gains

Once you attach colors to database values, you can benefit from huge enhancements in your visualization and in your productivity :

  • Dashboards are simpler and clearer, which makes them faster and easier to use : since Colors are meaningful, you need less legends and explanations. For example, you can trust that the "Downtime" state will be orange every time.

  • Colors are consistent across visualizations : the same item will have the same color everywhere.

  • Colors are consistent even when data is modified : when items appear, disappear or become filtered, the same item gets the same color.

  • The standard colors are defined in a central place : to update the color, simply update once in the Data Source.

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