Guide: How to choose the right tool

“The right data to the right person, at the right time”

Industrial data – and data in general – has become crucial to the health of any type of organization. The difficulty is to read through those massive amounts of data and make good use of them.

This is why dashboards have become increasingly well-liked. But the right dashboard is yet to be chosen!

First of all, what is a dashboard?

A dashboard is a graphical visualization of complex data which brings out meaningful and valuable information in order to ease decision-making.

And no need to invest that much of a budget... Affordable -and high quality- tools are easily available on the market.

And this is the solution that [code192] aspires to propose with ALPANA Dashboard.

These are the elements to have in mind as to get the right reasoning when considering using a (industrial) Management Business Intelligence tool:

  • Objectives: you need to set your objectives so that you know what information you will want to highlight in order to have the answers to your questions.

  • Corresponding KPIs (preparation of data): according to your objectives, you will need to determine which KPIs correspond to them. This will already help you select the appropriate widgets for your dashboard afterwards.

  • Identify the audience: you should know who will be the viewers and users as to choose the right tool for them to use and visualise.​ Historically, many of the dashboards are turned towards the business layer of companies (executive and financial departments). This is where ALPANA Dashboard is different: [code192] brings dashboarding to the shop-floor.

  • Convenient widgets and graphic charts: Once you’ve determined the objectives, the KPIs and the audience, it’s time to design the dashboard. And this is the fun part: you’re going to make your data look attractive and smart, and you’re going to wow your audience. Sharp information and great visualisation will bring you and your team to make decisions and take actions in the most relevant way. The [code192] tool (ALPANA Dashboard), is conceived so that anyone concerned will easily understand the message which is being conveyed, and anyone will be able to play with the dashboard. Yes, anyone! No need to be an IT expert, nor a white-collar worker!

But still, it doesn’t mean the tool is magical though, you need to simulate what corresponds best to expectations before considering the dashboard as ready to be viewed. And if you’re stuck, no panic! An expert team is available to accompany you through your project.

Now, after the creation of your dashboard, you’re not going to stock it somewhere in your computer and let it gather dust.

As to keep making the best use of it, here are some points to bear in mind:

- Dashboarding is not static. You can change, adapt and update your dashboard whenever needed.

If you manage to correctly target the information you want to extract from your data, the more data you have and the better you prepare it, the more gains you will benefit from the tool. Therefore, our expert team can help you through the data preparation process, and even help you optimize the use of your dashboard(s).

- Continuous development. As it is not static, the tool has to be maintained up-to-date so that future developments and functionalities can properly be integrated.

So, once you have your dashboard, keep nourishing it and you'll always have the right insights into your activity by keeping your data up-to-date.

Enjoy highlighting your data!

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