Wonderware Intelligence and Dashboards

This post is an introduction to Wonderware Intelligence software.

It will be followed by three more detailed posts that will help you understand the basics of the solution:

- How to simply develop an object with Wonderware Intelligence?

- How to bind data to time periods?

- How to filter a data source so that only the desired data appears?

Wonderware Intelligence Software is an Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) / Operational Intelligence (OI) offering which automates the calculation, contextualization and storage of operational Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and metrics historical data.

It empowers operational stakeholders to improve plant performance by visualizing and analyzing critical metrics information.

This solution helps you maximise return on investment (ROI) in plant floor and enterprise solutions, unlocking the business relevant context hidden in the distributed data of your existing applications. It adds the information and insight you need for more transparency to the true cost and profit contributions from your operation.

Wonderware Intelligence Software allows you to:

  • Use Your Data to Maintain Competitiveness (it manages the day-to-day operations in an effective and secure manner)

  • Overcome the Industrial Data Challenge (the software is designed to automate the transformation of time series and transactional data across multiple sources and to turn large amounts of Industrial Big Data into actionable metrics and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) information)

  • Increase the ROI of Your Industrial IT Investment (it does not replace - but supplements that data, adding the information, context and insight you need for more transparency to your operations to drive operational and financial improvements)

  • Empowerment and Collaboration (it relates data for a holistic view across different core functions, domains and operations, regardless of where the data resides)

  • Operations Metrics That Make Business Sense (it allows you to adhere to operating goals with near real-time resolution

Wonderware Intelligence software allows you to automate the job of creating Key Performance Indicators derived from multiple sources, and calculates a history of your operations metrics, which are continuously updated in near real-time resolution.

Our Code192 Dashboarding solution allows user-friendly analytics and monitoring of metrics. It empowers workers and decision makers across the organization to make informed assessments.

Manufacturing Intelligence helps to improve operational performance and competitiveness through improved operational decision making. It assists in gaining new insights into optimization potentials that may now be hidden in disconnected functional domains or in separate sets of data that are typically found in most manufacturing plants and enterprises today.

So, now that we have explained the main benefits and possibility of Wonderware Intelligence, questions might raise:

  • How to create objects with intelligence?

  • What must we do to make these objects work?

The next series of posts will answer these questions introducing general principles of programming with Wonderware Intelligence software.

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