Measures and Dimensions

Dimensions and measures are the physical aspects of data aggregation.

This post describes what measures and dimensions are.


Measures represent your process data, they are numeric values like Volume, Pressure, Energy tec..


Dimensions are the context that help the consumer of measures understand the meaning of those measures.

Dimensions can be anything which can consistently categorize your data, and provide you with a better point of view. Here is a common list of dimensions you might find in your factory: - Product - Activity - Supplier - Time - Shift - Equipment - Batch ID

Dimensions by themselves make great lists, but they don't tell us much if we don't marry them with some measures.

Dimensions can be combined in order to provide meaning to your Measures (numerical values).

A simple example in order to better understand

If I give you the following number : 1587 ...

Does that sound meaningful ?

I guess not at all !

If I state the following sentence :

1587 good pieces where produced on line one between May 1st and May 25th at the Paris plant during shift A

It is much more meaningful !

Pieces, date, line number, shift number, site location are dimensions, 1587 is the measure !

Where does this apply ?

When you build a dashboard, you basically put things in perspective and propose filters, drill down capabilities to the user.

The first thing to do to design a Dashboard is to identify measures and dimensions that are available and join them together.

Wonderware Intelligence helps a lot in doing this, we'll talk about it in future posts.

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